COVID-19: the conference is postponed

Dear all,

As you know, the world is currently facing a coronavirus pandemic which is likely to cause lots of trouble throughout most of this year.

The FIV2020 organizing committee, after closely monitoring the evolving COVID-19 situation and conferring with the scientific committee, has decided to postpone the conference until next year.

The FIV conference will be held in EDF Lab in Paris-Saclay on 6-9 July 2021 (same venue, same date +1Y).

Details regarding the cancellation of this year event can be found in the dedicated page of the side menu.

Look after yourself and your loved ones.


Despite many decades of intensive research, flow-induced vibration is still present in many industries ranging from aerospace, automotive and civil engineering to marine structures, electricity generation and chemical processing. The four-year cycle of the european Flow-induced vibration conference is a unique opportunity to assemble a community of  academics and engineers involved in understanding and mitigating the phenomena, in the interests of human safety.

A bit of history

The first event in the Flow Induced Vibration series was the 1973 Keswick conference entitled 'Vibration problems in industry', in response to the needs of the then emerging nuclear industry. Subsequent conferences have evolved into major international events with a continually wider scope of papers in the field of fluid-structure interaction. The conference is held every four years, the most recent events being Dublin in 2012 and The Hague in 2016, where 200 participants were attracted from around the world with every continent represented.

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